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Welcome to District's Music Submission Portal. We're looking for forward-thinking labels to collaborate with us in defining the audio landscape of our immersive, music-driven Metaverse. The District put labels at the forefront. We're committed to building a platform and suite of tools that allows labels to operate and distribute their music in a a modern and quasi decentralised manner, away from the confines of the traditional music industry systems which appear to be broken or big 4 centric. Utilising blockchain technology on the LUKSO blockchain, labels are now divided into DAO's or separate smart contracts of their own that can deploy artist profiles and catalogue tracks as digital assets independently. These assets hold Track metadata and Artist profiles and will power our analytics and reward distribution systems. If you want to be a label on District. Apply below 💿

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By checking this box, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to Draft Label Agreement [District]. I acknowledge that I am granting usage rights for the music of my label within the virtual event platform, District.

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